Pine Mountain Resort

Located only 20 minutes from Bend, OR, Pine Mountain Resort is ideally located in central Oregon making it the perfect location for fun and relaxation anytime of the year.

Central Oregon’s premiere destination resort retains an element of the rustic Oregon Trail and surrounding area that contributes to the overall atmosphere of the lodge-style hotel. Custom, locally created art donated to the resort provides a visual trip through time of the rich heritage in the area.

No matter if you are looking for a unique location for family fun, or just a destination to get away and unwind Pine Mountain Resort is the perfect place. We can cater to anyone’s outdoor tastes year round. With two private lakes on premise, access to near by rivers, and the Cascade Mountain range with in a few minutes drive, we offer exclusive and inclusive packages for our guest to make the most out of their vacations without having to worry about fighting the crowds.

Though Pine Mountain Resort is located in an isolated spot, guests can still keep in touch with the outside world. Guests have access to high-speed Internet in their rooms and there is complimentary Wi-Fi in the lobby of the resort.

Mountain Safety

Please be advised: hiking, mountain biking, and other mountain activities are at your own risk and the trails in the area are not patrolled regularly. In case of an accident or injury, call 911.
There are risks associated with strenuous physical exertion and with hiking, biking, and other mountain activities. Property damage, injuries and/or death may result from engaging in any of these activities. Be aware that trails and roads are used for many purposes during the summer and winter months including motorized vehicle travel. Expect to encounter bikes, hikers, and vehicles such as snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles at any time without warning. Trails may be closed and/or detoured due to construction and other projects. Hikers and bikers must remain on designated trails and obey all posted trail closures, warning signs, and detours. Mountain gates, roads and trails close at dusk.

• Mountain weather conditions can change rapidly.
• Lightning and thunderstorms are common in the mountains. Seek shelter and stay away from ridge tops, chairlifts, power lines, and signposts.
• Bring adequate clothing; layers are recommended.
• Purify any water from natural sources.
• Carry plenty of water and food.
• At high elevations, sunscreen is a must (even on cloudy days).
• Be aware of the health effects of high altitude.
• Tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
• For updated trail information, inquire at any local outdoor store or the Gear Shop.
• Guest can purchase an Oregon Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue Card at the Gear Shop.

Trail Etiquette and Stewards of the Land
We encourage everyone to support these trail etiquette and simple safety-conscious rules.
• Hikers and bikers choose trails that match your abilities.
• Hikers and bikers stay on designated trails.
• Bikers yield the right-of-way to other non-motorized trail users. Downhill bikers yield to everyone.
• Bikers use caution when overtaking another, and make your presence known well in advance.
• Bikers maintain control of your speed at all times.
• Do not disturb wildlife.
• Do not litter.
• Respect public and private property.
• Always be self-sufficient.
• Do not travel solo in remote areas.
• Observe the practice of minimum impact.

Trail ratings are guidelines only. Conditions may change and unmarked hazards may exist.

Contact Information
Pine Mountain Resort
1212 Highway 32
Bend, OR 97707
541.465.3232 Front Desk
541.465.3333 Concierge Desk
541.465.3300 Fax